Peace Town

Peace Town

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Peace Town reflects his artistry as well as the emotional elements over the last months of his life in which his medical condition brought issues of mortality, legacy, life and love to the forefront. As such, it stands proudly as one of his best works within a critically-lauded career and made his mark as an interpreter who could take the songs of others and virtually make them his own. 

Alongside time-tested reinterpretations of two of his own previously released compositions are three numbers LaFave composed to lyrics by his icon, Woody Guthrie, and his interpretations of material by his influences ranging from Chuck Berry to Pete Townshend of The Who to more of what All Music describes as his “fantastic work on Bob Dylan’s songs” on three tracks. The set also includes nods to noted songwriters from Oklahoma - the state where LaFave came of age and started his career - like Leon Russell and J.J. Cale as well as selections from lesser-known but equally gifted writers whose talents he admired.

All told, Peace Town celebrates what All Music says was “the way he blended country, blues, folk, and early rock & roll, his work ethic, and his low-key rapport with fans were all factors that worked in his favor.” And gave everything he recorded, as All Music also observed, “a stamp that is indelible. It’s tattooed on the inside, on the heart where it belongs.”


Disc One

1. Let My Love Open The Door - 4:47 

2. Minstrel Boy Howling At The Moon - 4:39

3. Peace Town - 5:15

4. What Good Am I - 4:20

5. Help Me Through The Day - 6:54

6. I May Be Used (But I Ain’t Used Up) - 4:21

7. My Back Pages - 6:57

8. My Oklahoma Home - 3:41

9. A Thousand By My Side - 4:03

10. Already Gone - 7:21


Disc Two

1. It Makes No Difference - 6:53

2. Don’t Go To Strangers - 5:04

3. When The Thought Of You 

Catches Up With Me - 5:30

4. Salvation Train - 4:06

5. Ramblin’ Sky - 5:06

6. Sideline Woman - 4:31

7. The Promised Land - 2:41

8. You’re Gonna Make Me 

Lonesome When You Go - 5:21

9. Untitled - 4:45

10. Goodbye Amsterdam - 2:44



Jimmy LaFave | Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Bobby Kallus | Drums

Glenn Schuetz | Bass

John Inmon | Guitar

Jesse LaFave | Guitar

Warren Hood | Violin

Kym Warner | Mandolin

Stefano Intelisano | Keys, Accordian

Andrew Pressman | Bass

Katie Marie | Drums

Larry Wilson | Electric Guitar

Jaimee Harris | Background Vocals

Will Taylor | Viola

Javier Chaparro | Violin

Tony Rogers | Cello

Phil Hurley | Guitar

Brian Standefer | Cello

Jane Ellen Bryant | Background Vocals




Recorded at Cedar Creek Recording |

Engineered and Mixed by 

John Ross Silva